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Golden Retriever

Description:This is a large type of dog. This dog is famous for gaming gold retriever loves to play in the water they have a soft mouth so that they are considered as undamaged dogs it is very safe when your children are playing with this breed they have three types of colors Dark-Golden, Light-Golden, and Golden. The weight of a male is around 30-33 kg's and the female breed has around 25 to 31 kgs. These dogs are very intelligent Dogs and they are very kind to human that why they are famous for gaming they are known as the most reliable breed in the world very trustworthy they are friendly and their confidence level is very high. Height of a male Golden Retriever is 5.1 to 5.6 m and female of this breed has 5.6 to 6.1 m. Worldwide Golden Retriever is a 5th most popular breed in the world. Types:American Golden Retriever:
American Golden retriever is less muscular than other breeds they have a darker coat from other British and Canadian breeds their eyes color is light they don…

Golden Eagle

DescriptionThis breed is one the best breed in the world and the northern hemisphere is blessed with this breed it is very famous because it can be widely found in the different parts of the world these birds have a dark brown color with a golden beak and white spots on its feathers. They live in large nests they are best hunters so that's why it is called a hunter bird people using it for hunting purposes. These birds build large nests in cliffs where they lay their eggs for several times male and female lives together for the life they do not change their partner's female eagle lay four eggs and after 6 weeks they get their children from their eggs. they choose to live in those areas where there are no humans. Golden eagle is a quite large its size is about 67 to 103 cm's wingspan of this bird is every 1.9 to 2.35 meters
female of this raptor is heavier than its male. Both sexes adults have dark brown colours with some grey colour on its tail. A golden eagle flies more fr…

Scottish Fold

DescriptionThis breed got a name of Scottish fold in 1961  it was firstly found in Scotland and it's color was  solid white and Susie was the name of that cat it is called fold because it has folded ears after genetics this cat got different colors and shapes genetic experiments were applied on 75 kittens and the result was that 41 cats had their ears folded while the other kittens had straight ears. this cat has an age of 15 years. this cat is not much talkative. In Europe this cat didn't get any fame because of genetic experiments some kitten got tail diseases. Scottish fold is a very beautiful cat and a very good option to make it as a pet because it is very loyal to its owner.this breed is vert friendly with other pets. it is a medium sized cat which has very fluffy skin coat on it. Scottish Fold has a nice nature this breed is very playful with it's owner and Scottish is very intelligent and obedient cat. this breed love to play outside and enjoy more when you Scottis…

Finish Lapphund

DescriptionLapphund is Finland's famous dog which is used for herding purposes this dog is very strong and has a medium size this breed has erected ears we can find them  in different colors but tan black is more famous from all other available colors in this breed. This dog has a two coats so that it can survive in cold weather. Lapphund is very humble and intelligent dog with a little training it will be well trained and you can take it home with you this breed is very friendly with kids and you can use it for security of your house because it's very energetic dog but you should have very careful when you are out with this dog because he doesn't like strangers and the best specialty of this dog is that lapphund doesn't bark without any purpose he loves to play with kids and a very obedient breed lapphund loves it's owner and take orders as a duty. Finish-Lapphund TypesSolid Black
black lapphund can be found in Sweden this breed is 95% to 98% black there are slight…

Friesian Horse

DescriptionThis horse belongs to Fries-land which is located in Netherlands. Height of the horse is 160 cm and the mares height is 157 cm. This horse has short ears and long neck. this horse has strong bones and looks so adorable. Friesian horses are very humble and skillful also These horses are very intelligent and human friendly they are very attached to their owners. black shiny color of this horse makes it more adorable and eye catching. In past years this horse was used as a war horse it was used to take Armour from one side to another side this horse is famous for its loyalty so that it can be used as war horse. Temperament of this Horse is awesome this horse love to be with kids. Friesian Horse TypesBaroque Horse

This breed is Americans famous breed mostly american horse lovers prefer this breed so it can be easily found in USA. This horse can be found in different colors but the color people like the most in this breed is black. Sport Horse

This type of horse can be found in di…

Grey Parrot

DescriptionGrey parrot is also called African grey parrot these pets are famous because of their different color. these parrots can be found in Kenya and some other parts of Africa it is an African parrot but they are world famous parrots and many countries are willing to have this parrot. the different thing about this parrot is they live on the separate tree it means only one couple of grey parrot lives on one tree. Their chicks left the nest after 35 days of their birth until they left the nest their parents take care of them they guard them. Grey Parrot TypesCongo Grey Parrot
congo has a dominant grey color with a black beak this parrot can be distinguished by its White beak and white eyes because these types of parrots have the same color as a beak. They have 400 grams of weight with 13 inches in length. They are bit shy and also the best friends of  humans but these are very energetic and very intelligent parrots you can teach them what you want these are very obedient and loyal o…

Border Collie

DescriptionThe border collie has a medium size with a thick coat this pet has long hair mostly they found in black and white and they have two colors of eyes brown and blue. Some types of this breed have erected ears and some types have dropped ear we will discuss these types names in the next section of this blog, This breed is famous for its intelligence and obedience. They are highly intelligent athlete dogs and very energetic too, They are worldwide used for the security of livestock
Border Collie TypesSheltie

Sheltie is a nickname of shetland sheepdog like we have discussed they are herding dogs which are used for the security of livestock this dog is very intelligent and loyal to its owner this breed is from the rough collie family these are small dogs this type has multi-colored eyes  like the one eyes has a blue color and the other is brown it is very common in this breed they have three types of colors sable, black-bi, and tricolor their weight is around 11 to 24 pounds and the…


DescriptionToday we are talking about Arabs most famous pet and breed the Arabian horse just because of its head and long tail anyone can easily recognize it that it is an Arabian horse this is a very powerful horse in ancient times it was the best war horse and now these days this horse is used for race purposes.
The best thing about horses they are human-friendly and a very loyal breed. The Arabian horse is one of the best-known breeds for its loyalty and attachment with humans you can easily the only thing these horses believed in give respect and have the respect they are very sensitive about the behaviors of others.
Arabian Horse TypesArabian Chestnut
The name of this horse is on the name of a plant called chestnut it is a very famous breed in Arab countries it is a very powerful horse very attracting and very beautiful naturally they have a white line or dot on their faces. the color of this horse is red and this is also a reason it is very famous. Arabian Dominance White
These colo…


Description:Cockatiel breed belongs from Austrailian desserts if you will provide the proper food they will live happily with you they don't need any special diet like other pets need they just need healthy food if you want to keep a pet than cockatiel is the best choice. They are famous for there whistles mostly male breed whistles a lot they can't talk much like other parrots can talk but they can whistle. With care, they can live 20 to 30 years but mostly they can easily live 12 to 15 years. these pets attractive are not very loyal to they feel comfortable when they see a lot of peoples are around them these pets are very intelligent they set their routine according to their owners will like they know when they will be in the cage and when they will be out from the cage. The cage of cockatiel must be large and there would be proper bowls for food and water and they will need a space to open its wings that will be comfortable for it it is a very sensitive bird so you need to…


DESCRIPTION:This is the largest breed in has very different distinctive physical looks and the best hunter. It is North Americans oldest natural breed which belongs to the state Maine. This cat got fame in a late 19th century and no records of its origin and date of introduction exist in Noth America. Now, this is the world's most popular pets breed whose nickname is Coon "Hence". Maine Coon named "Stewie" is the longest cat in the world its size is 48.5 in long and according to the Guinness book of world record, it is the worlds longest cat. This breed has very strong muscles the female Maine coon have 9 to 16 pound of weight and the Maine coon male has 13-18 pounds of weight their coat saves them from cold harsh weathers Their lower coat prived warmness while they sit on ice and their toes works like ice shoes these cats have a very hairy tail and the best thing about their coat it is water repellant and having water repellant coat it loves to play in…


The Icelandic Sheepdog Breed belongs to Norway and it is only Iceland's Breed which is very charming faithful and friendly. It has two sizes small and medium. Icelandic Sheepdog especially used to protect flocks and lambs from birds of prey. These pets have a habit of barking at flying birds. Icelandic sheep have a curly Tail and Their ears are prick this dog is very confident and lively bearing. there is a remarkable difference in the appearance between the sexes. Tough Icelandic sheepdogs have high energy levels they are not famous for hunting Iceland Sheepdog have different shaped ears Their tail is not very much longer and covered with hairs around it this breed is very intelligent and entertaining. Their level of affection is very high but it needs very much care to groom it. This breed is very child-friendly and playful but the interaction of this pet with children is very important this medium-sized breed has very innocent loos you can feel love for you in its ey…