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DescriptionToday we are talking about Arabs most famous pet and breed the Arabian horse just because of its head and long tail anyone can easily recognize it that it is an Arabian horse this is a very powerful horse in ancient times it was the best war horse and now these days this horse is used for race purposes.
The best thing about horses they are human-friendly and a very loyal breed. The Arabian horse is one of the best-known breeds for its loyalty and attachment with humans you can easily the only thing these horses believed in give respect and have the respect they are very sensitive about the behaviors of others.
Arabian Horse TypesArabian Chestnut
The name of this horse is on the name of a plant called chestnut it is a very famous breed in Arab countries it is a very powerful horse very attracting and very beautiful naturally they have a white line or dot on their faces. the color of this horse is red and this is also a reason it is very famous. Arabian Dominance White
These colo…


Description:Cockatiel breed belongs from Austrailian desserts if you will provide the proper food they will live happily with you they don't need any special diet like other pets need they just need healthy food if you want to keep a pet than cockatiel is the best choice. They are famous for there whistles mostly male breed whistles a lot they can't talk much like other parrots can talk but they can whistle. With care, they can live 20 to 30 years but mostly they can easily live 12 to 15 years. these pets attractive are not very loyal to they feel comfortable when they see a lot of peoples are around them these pets are very intelligent they set their routine according to their owners will like they know when they will be in the cage and when they will be out from the cage. The cage of cockatiel must be large and there would be proper bowls for food and water and they will need a space to open its wings that will be comfortable for it it is a very sensitive bird so you need to…


DESCRIPTION:This is the largest breed in has very different distinctive physical looks and the best hunter. It is North Americans oldest natural breed which belongs to the state Maine. This cat got fame in a late 19th century and no records of its origin and date of introduction exist in Noth America. Now, this is the world's most popular pets breed whose nickname is Coon "Hence". Maine Coon named "Stewie" is the longest cat in the world its size is 48.5 in long and according to the Guinness book of world record, it is the worlds longest cat. This breed has very strong muscles the female Maine coon have 9 to 16 pound of weight and the Maine coon male has 13-18 pounds of weight their coat saves them from cold harsh weathers Their lower coat prived warmness while they sit on ice and their toes works like ice shoes these cats have a very hairy tail and the best thing about their coat it is water repellant and having water repellant coat it loves to play in…


The Icelandic Sheepdog Breed belongs to Norway and it is only Iceland's Breed which is very charming faithful and friendly. It has two sizes small and medium. Icelandic Sheepdog especially used to protect flocks and lambs from birds of prey. These pets have a habit of barking at flying birds. Icelandic sheep have a curly Tail and Their ears are prick this dog is very confident and lively bearing. there is a remarkable difference in the appearance between the sexes. Tough Icelandic sheepdogs have high energy levels they are not famous for hunting Iceland Sheepdog have different shaped ears Their tail is not very much longer and covered with hairs around it this breed is very intelligent and entertaining. Their level of affection is very high but it needs very much care to groom it. This breed is very child-friendly and playful but the interaction of this pet with children is very important this medium-sized breed has very innocent loos you can feel love for you in its ey…


A lapful of charm in a cotton-ball cloud of curly white hair, the Bichon Frise is one of the sweetest and most affectionate of dog breeds. He loves to be the center of attention, which isn't surprising given that he used to be adored by royalty and performed tricks to the roars of the circus crowds.




DIET You can give your dog any type of food made for small WellnessMerrickFrommCanidae Grain Free


Husky is a very eye-catching and beautiful dog multi colors skin coat make him more attractive eyes of multi colors its blue eyes are different from all breeds and very beautiful  make him look more attracting this breed started from Siberia that's why we call it Siberian dog it is to quite similar to wolfs it is a very intelligent breed this breed can survive alone very powerful and very dangerous so it creates some problem when someone owns it


Diet Raw Foodcommercial dog food including dry and wet varietieschicken, beef, lamb, fish, fruits.




DescriptionLabrador Retriever is a very strong dog size of this dog is medium and sound is very loud very athletic, energetic and well balanced.  his temperament is very good and that's the ability which makes it a family dog it's very friendly with their handlers very loyal breed of a dog. this dog is very strong physically and mentally these characteristics make him efficient retriever. His stable temperament is very suitable for hunting just because his coat he can survive in any type of environment it has powerful jaws and very kind and friendly eyes. History Labrador is a traditional dog mostly people say its a waterdog mostly duck retriever and fishermen kept it for there hunt it gets it popularity in early 1800's when noble people have visited Canada they see labrador there first time and when they back they named it labrador and it became famous. There are so many peoples are living around who loves this breed because of his coat Canadian started buying it because of…