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Cockatiel breed belongs from Austrailian desserts if you will provide the proper food they will live happily with you they don't need any special diet like other pets need they just need healthy food if you want to keep a pet than cockatiel is the best choice. They are famous for there whistles mostly male breed whistles a lot they can't talk much like other parrots can talk but they can whistle. With care, they can live 20 to 30 years but mostly they can easily live 12 to 15 years. these pets attractive are not very loyal to they feel comfortable when they see a lot of peoples are around them these pets are very intelligent they set their routine according to their owners will like they know when they will be in the cage and when they will be out from the cage. The cage of cockatiel must be large and there would be proper bowls for food and water and they will need a space to open its wings that will be comfortable for it it is a very sensitive bird so you need to fulfill these requirements you need to cover the bottom of the cage with sheets or papers so it will feel comfortable when he walks on it and you need to clean it when it gets dirty because dirty sheet can cause infections you have to provide him fresh foods and water

Types of Cockatiel Breed

Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino cockatiel have different colors people call them white-headed breed males of this breed have white heads and female have grey shades with markings on its tail while males are pure white. we can see them also in combination of white with (grey, pearl, pied, pearl-pied, cinnamon, cinnamon-pearl and cinnamon-pied) colors.

Pearl Cockatiel

This breed is famous for his yellow head so we can call this pet a yellow-headed breed. these birds have different and very beautiful patterns each bird have different patterns like cinnamon parrots have a yellow body and their patterns never changed in their whole life. Pearls have yellow tails and body of this pet is the mixture of yellow and grey and the color o their feet are pink.

Quarion Cockatiel

They are very beautiful and social and easy to handle changes in the home they are not too noisy they have a nice low voice and beautiful color combinationas they love to sings songs mostly the males they always love whistling they are available in the combination of white, yellow and grey while some have more white and less yellow and some have more grey and less white and some have more grey and less white

Page-Birdie Cockatiel

These birds are multi-colored birds they are available in grey, white and yellow colors the one thing which is same in every cocktail is that they have yellow and orange head with an orange circle under their both eyes they have pink feet and red beak which make these pets more attractive they have white color on the edges of their feathers while the rest of the feathers are mostly grey.


Cockatiel love to eat cherry and it would be better if this without seeds because it can be harmful to them they love to eat chilies, apples, and bananas they love to eat almost all fruits but they don't like oranges (I have a cockatiel named beep and he doesn't like oranges) they also love to eat peanuts   and every food which is not harmful to them you can give them.

Critical Diseases


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