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This is the largest breed in has very different distinctive physical looks and the best hunter. It is North Americans oldest natural breed which belongs to the state Maine. This cat got fame in a late 19th century and no records of its origin and date of introduction exist in Noth America. Now, this is the world's most popular pets breed whose nickname is Coon "Hence". Maine Coon named  "Stewie" is the longest cat in the world its size is 48.5 in long and according to the Guinness book of world record, it is the worlds longest cat. This breed has very strong muscles the female Maine coon have 9 to 16 pound of weight and the Maine coon male has 13-18 pounds of weight their coat saves them from cold harsh weathers Their lower coat prived warmness while they sit on ice and their toes works like ice shoes these cats have a very hairy tail and the best thing about their coat it is water repellant and having water repellant coat it loves to play in water  the different thing about this breed is that, it has six toes that the reason their toes work like snowshoes during the winter season and the best thing about this cat is that it is kids friendly and if you have birds in your homes like parrots and hens in your home you take this breed with them it will not harm them because this breed is pet-friendly. This pet has long here so you have to comb it daily or minimum twice in a week otherwise it will be difficult for you to comb so you have to take care of it. maine coon wants serious intentions of its owner and it can distinguish love and hate so be careful.



There are two main patterns of colors "Classic and mackerel" in these two patterns there are four colors (brown, blue, red, cream)



There are four Main colors in solid patterns (white, black, blue and red).



There are two main colors in the tortoiseshell pattern (black, blue).



Silver has four types of combinations (black-silver, blue-silver, red-silver, cream-silver)



  1. Vitamins, Minerals such as Vitamin A
  2. Fatty acids and fats such as arachidonic acid
  3. Amino acids such as arginine and taurine
  4. Protein
  5. Carbohydrates

Proteins are very important for cats especially for Maine Coon because of its size this cat needs more proteins to stay healthy meat, chicken and fish are best sources of proteins. 
Many owners of cats feed their cats gluten and grain free diet because it is harmful to their cat's digestion system.
Taste of food is very important because it doesn't matter how much cost you have spent on food if your cat didn't like it if will be worthless cat will never eat it.


  • Spinal disease: this disease is genetic and now it has a cure some tests will be made and it has chances to recover your kitten from this disease.
  • Heart issues: this disease is commonly found in this type of breed because of mutation
  • kidney failure: this the most dangerous disease there is no cure of this disease yet.


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