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Golden Retriever

Description:This is a large type of dog. This dog is famous for gaming gold retriever loves to play in the water they have a soft mouth so that they are considered as undamaged dogs it is very safe when your children are playing with this breed they have three types of colors Dark-Golden, Light-Golden, and Golden. The weight of a male is around 30-33 kg's and the female breed has around 25 to 31 kgs. These dogs are very intelligent Dogs and they are very kind to human that why they are famous for gaming they are known as the most reliable breed in the world very trustworthy they are friendly and their confidence level is very high. Height of a male Golden Retriever is 5.1 to 5.6 m and female of this breed has 5.6 to 6.1 m. Worldwide Golden Retriever is a 5th most popular breed in the world. Types:American Golden Retriever:
American Golden retriever is less muscular than other breeds they have a darker coat from other British and Canadian breeds their eyes color is light they don…

Golden Eagle

DescriptionThis breed is one the best breed in the world and the northern hemisphere is blessed with this breed it is very famous because it can be widely found in the different parts of the world these birds have a dark brown color with a golden beak and white spots on its feathers. They live in large nests they are best hunters so that's why it is called a hunter bird people using it for hunting purposes. These birds build large nests in cliffs where they lay their eggs for several times male and female lives together for the life they do not change their partner's female eagle lay four eggs and after 6 weeks they get their children from their eggs. they choose to live in those areas where there are no humans. Golden eagle is a quite large its size is about 67 to 103 cm's wingspan of this bird is every 1.9 to 2.35 meters
female of this raptor is heavier than its male. Both sexes adults have dark brown colours with some grey colour on its tail. A golden eagle flies more fr…